How Nexplay Esports is aiming to be SEA’s next big agency

By AFK Gaming

It’s been two years since the esports ecosystem in Southeast Asia began showing signs of accelerated growth, and the scene continues to thrive. The popularity of mobile titles has allowed SEA to be the epicentre of the discipline. The ease of access to technology and internet connection has allowed more of the population to be involved with competitive titles, thus increasing viewership. SEA even has its own ecosystem for titles that are largely unheard of in the Western world. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the region’s biggest titles, and has a thriving ecosystem behind it. 

The region’s current and future potential hasn’t gone unnoticed. FaZe Clan and Team Secret both operate in the region. SEA also boasts the presence of esport entities Mineski, ONE Esports and eGG Network—all of which have been active in various verticals throughout the years. 

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