Guild Esports win unofficial EU vs NA Rocket League showmatch following cancellation of Worlds

By Jake Nordland

Psyonix’s unexpected cancellation of the RLCS X World Championship, and its subsequent replacement with yet more regional tournaments, rocked the Rocket League community in April. 

The eagerly awaited opportunity to answer the burning question – which is the better region – was delayed once more. And a battle of words ensued across social media.

But when British Guild Esports player Joseph ‘Noly’ Kidd called French star Evan ‘M0nkeyM00n’ Rogez “100% better” than US player Jason ‘Firstkiller’ Corral on Rocket League’s official podcast First Touch, words were no longer enough.

Pro player Slater ‘Retals’ Thomas from the all-American Spacestation Gaming line-up responded to the taunt, asking for an unofficial Guild versus NA match-up to settle the dispute once and for all. He also put $1,000 of his own money on the line.

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