Astralis gearing up for US Stock Exchange listing

Astralis gearing up for US Stock Exchange listing

Denmark’s esports pride, Astralis which owns multiple rosters across esports titles is looking to gear up for a listing on the US Stock exchange, the company Tweeted today. The announcement said the listing on the stock exchange was in accordance with the growing interest of US investors in their organization.

Astralis Group became the first esports team to get listed when they made their debut on the Danish Nasdaq exchange in December 2019. The listing didn’t turn out to be extraordinary.

The group has made their moves to enlist on the OTCQX an American exchange, which will allow the people in the U.S. to trade Astralis stock domestically.

Anders Hørsholt, CEO of Astralis says the listing provides “added exposure to an expanding US market of esports investors.”

“Trading on OTCQX will secure increased access for US institutional and retail investors looking to invest in our company and
proven business model and it will provide an opportunity to be a part of Astralis Group’s continued development as an
international leader in the growing, global esports industry,”
he added.

Astralis will share the space of being a listed team on stock markets with Guild Esports, a British esports company co-owned by football legend David Beckham. Guild raised close to $53 million from their listing on London Stock Exchange.

Astralis OTCQX Listing

Over the counter (OTC) trading of stocks are services provided by the OTC Group in America. The stocks which are already listed in the international markets are allowed to enlist on OTCQX markets in the U.S. OTCQX enables global companies to better access support U.S. investors and distribute information in the U.S. public markets without the complexity and cost of an U.S. exchange listing.

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