CS_summit 7 preview: five stories to follow

CS_summit 7 preview: five stories to follow

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The first month of 2021 has been a stellar month for Counter-Strike fans. With BLAST Premier: Global Final coming to an end, the next tournament is already kicking off: cs_summit 7.

That tournament, of course, is the seventh edition of cs_summit. While previous editions of the Summit were known for its relaxed atmosphere, this time will be an exception.

Featuring teams like FNATIC, Mousesports, FaZe Clan and FURIA, this tournament certainly will be a must-watch. With this in mind, let’s take a deep dive on some of the most interesting stories to follow within the tournament.

The three groups

cs_summit 7 continues with the series’ already established legacy within the CSGO scene

As in previous edition, cs_summit 7 will run a GSL group stage, then a single-elimination bracket at the playoffs.

This time around, we will be having three groups, with four teams each. Take a look below to see the groups:

Now, let’s dive in at the teams to follow for this tournament:

Cloud9’s colossus tale continues

ALEX and HenryG are the minds behind this C9 project that will play on cs_summit 7

Since it’s conception back in late 2020, Cloud9’s new squad already won matches, lost matches, and lost players. Coming to cs_summit 7, Cloud9 will bring a surprise player, as they removed Özgür “⁠woxic⁠” Eker recently.

Yet, Cloud9 have many eyes on them, as this new project was one of the most hyped squads from 2020. As many excuses as the they may have, disappointment will be impossible to avoid in case they fail to impress.

To make the situation a bit worse, the team’s coach also left the team in late December. Aleksandar “kassad” Trifunović quit the team due to a tactical clash with “ALEX”, the team captain.

Is everything on the grim side for Cloud9, though? The team still has four promising squad members. Plus, cs_summit 7 might be a good opportunity for them to try “Xeppaa”, One of the rumored replacements for “woxic”.

FaZe Clan on the verge of roster changes

With NiKo’s gone, coldzera is the last star player in a team built by firepower in cs_summit 7

A CSGO team needs balance in order to be competitive. FaZe Clan, unfortunately, hasn’t achieved balance for a time now.

In fact, if anything, FaZe has been the face of pure raw force without many tactics to back them up. This led to mixed results in the past years and last year, after bad results, they lost one of their stars.

The team is looking to change, but these changes are yet to be made, though. Coming to cs_summit 7, FaZe will be bringing a team focused in firepower without enough powder.  

Nothing is lost, all things considered. In a group with Mousesports, Heroic, and MiBR, they certainly can brute force their way into the playoffs.

Aleksib looks to start the year the right way with a win at cs_summit 7

OG has been one of the teams that suffered the most from the changes caused by the pandemic last year. Coming to the Summit, they must show that their one-month break helped them solve the issues plaguing them.

Placed in group A, the team will have fierce competition from Complexity. Plus, they will also have to deal with the group wild card, FNATIC. While those are decent competitors, OG still is expected to make out to the playoffs.

Now, if OG’s captains “Aleksib” and “NBK” managed to overcome their difficulties, great things can be expected of squad. After all, OG is an impressive team on paper, and their celling is unknown.

If there’s one thing to be sure is that OG will be one of the teams to watch.

FURIA’s new player will be on cs_summit 7

Paytyn “junior” Johnson is the new player on FURIA’s side for cs_summit 7

FURIA was a relatively successful team in 2020. The team managed to dominate the American scene, and brought more than three trophies home.

The team decided to do a minor revamp for the 2021 season, though. The squad brought “honda” as their sixth player, and replaced “HEN1” with “junior”, a North American player.

Coming to cs_summit 7, FURIA will be starring “junior” for the first time. The American player has a lot to prove, and after FURIA finishing last place in their last tournament, fans want to see victories.

In the Summit, expect to see an eager FURIA. As we mentioned above, they have indeed left BLAST Premier Finals last place. Yet, they played extremely well for a team playing with their sixth player.

Virtus.Pro is an underrated danger coming to cs_summit 7

Dzhami “Jame” Ali is one of the aces in Virtus.Pro’s roster for cs_summit 7

Virtus.Pro certainly packs many surprised whenever they take part in a cup. With so many highlights in the Summit this time around, they might as well go a bit unnoticed by most.

Yet, it’s not smart to discard VP as a contender. The squad won three events since October last year, and not a single team in the tournament is comfortable around them.

So, with this in mind, don’t be surprised to see VP reaching the finals. If “buster” and “SANJI” can keep their performances up, there’s no way to tell who will stop them.

Welcome to cs_summit 7!

If you’re eager to watch some high-quality CSGO matches, you won’t be waiting much. The Summit will be back on January 25th. Of course, we will be following it, and you can be up-to-date with it by making sure you keep up with us!


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