Former CSGO Dev Explains Key Issues with the Source 2 Project

Former CSGO Dev Explains Key Issues with the Source 2 Project

Over the past year, the CSGO community has seen speculations of the highly anticipated Source 2 engine upgrade arriving to the shooter on multiple occasions. However, none of them turned out to be true.

With the date of the Source 2 upgrade still uncertain, a former CSGO developer has spoken up on Twitter about the problems the team faced at the time of working on the engine.

Through a series of Tweets on January 1st, Richard Geldreich, former Valve developer, expressed his dissatisfaction with the team working on Source 2 at the time and the issues with the engine in general.

“One of the key issues with Source 2 (ten years ago): They needed new hires (with fresh perspectives) to push the engine forward. However, the new hires didn’t understand how the company actually worked,” Geldreich said. “The bonus incentive warped everything, but nobody told you this.”

He continued taking shots at the former team, “The old timers, the developers who built Source 1, knew *precisely* how the company worked, how to land a big bonus on envelop day, and how to get people fired. Newcomers would be dropped into this environment & expected to perform. It was a nasty/pointless experience for most.”

Geldreich claimed that the fresh hires who were skilled or experienced in the field were “ruthlessly resisted and pushed out to lower the bonus competition.”

He even compared his situation in the Source 2 team as “being thrown into a shark tank with blood smeared all over your body.”

He concluded by saying, “I think the old timers actually enjoyed psychologically torturing new hires for sport. It was that bad. Totally toxic.”

The team Geldreich is referring to here is about a decade old, as mentioned by the former dev himself. While it’s quite likely that the above-mentioned team may have changed over the years, Geldreich’s allegations might still be a cause of major concern for the gaming community in general.

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