CSGO Servers Are Down Globally

CSGO Servers Are Down Globally

Thousands of users have started reporting that CSGO servers are going offline. The issue started only a few minutes ago but hasn’t been fixed yet.

Many Steam servers and game servers are down as a result, and CSGO servers are no exception to that. Reports show well over a thousand reports on CSGO servers being down across more than 60 different countries.

According to outage.report, the issue started around 03:00 AM IST, whereas, as of writing this article there have been 16+ reports so far.

CSGO Servers – expected time to resolve?

Considering the similar events that happened in the past which was resolved quickly within 30 Mins – 1 hour, we should expect that this might not take long as well.

The game has been at the receiving end of community backlash lately after a few updates were shipped. The updates were creating problems for several users in the game like having their steaming softwares blocked in the newly introduced trusted mode.

Valve is working hard to redempt their loss of player base, much recently due to these issues in the game.

From major FPS drops to stuttering, CSGO has been struggling lately to run smoothly. unparallelly, Riot’s Valorant is actively gaining playerbase due to its responsiveness in improving their system and platform. Not to forget their scheduled system update, which lacks entirely in the CSGO arena.

Published at Wed, 15 Jul 2020 21:32:43 +0000


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