Pokimane cosplays as Sage to celebrate the release of Valorant

Pokimane cosplays as Sage to celebrate the release of Valorant

One of the most anticipated F2P FPS game, Valroant just went live yesterday. The day 1 response for the game was so overwhelming that the servers running at over-capacity and crashing frequently. AS time went by many of these issues were ironed out and streamers also started logging in.

Photo: Pokimane

Twitch streamer, Imane “Pokimane” Anys for the launch of Valorant cosplayed Sage for her fans while playing the game. Before going live she tweeted about the cosplay and shared pictures of herself in cosplay.

From the black hair to Sage’s robe with black sleeves and a simple plastic light-up ball as the orb, she perfectly cosplayed the agent. 

Pokimane has been playing the game since the closed beta and always described Sage as “overpowered” and basically the best agent right now. Although on the release Sage did receive some tweaking on her Barrier and Healing Orbs abilities to address her ”OP-ness”, Pokimane still went all out with her cosplay and it seems she’s taken a liking to the agent as well.

She remained in the cosplay for the entire 4-hour stream season and fans were absolutely loving it which helped her in remaining the top Valorant streamer for the entire duration.

With the release of the game comes IGNITION: The first Episode including the battle pass, a variety of bug fixes, and ability tweaks. The progression of Beta players will also be reset. Every player starting now will need to unlock all of the agents by grinding game modes for required XP.

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